Upcoming events

All meeting and events are free and open to the public.  Please join us for an adventure.

Oct 8     Monthly meeting 7 pm, Trinity Baptist Church, 4th & Main; "Introduction of Wolves in Yellowstone", Larry Shanks, wildlife biologist

Oct 12-13  Pelican Festival, Wolf Creek Park, Grove, OK; contact Willie Hale at 918.791.0926 for more info or to volunteer

Oct 20   Owl Watch, Har-Ber Village, bring covered dish to share; carpool from Grove WalMart parking lot behind Rib Crib at 5:15 pm

Nov 12  Monthly meeting 7 pm Trintiy Baptist Church 4th & Main;  *** Speaker Change ***  Heather LePage & William Oakley will give a program on "Effects of Heavy Metals on Birds" and "Purple Martin Colonies in OK"

Jan 14   Monthly meeting 7 pm Trinity Baptist Church 4th & Main, " Introduction of the Condor", Mike Davis, wildlife biologist

Jan 26   Eagle Watch   *** Original date Jan 19th cancelled due to weather ***  carpool from WalMart parking lot behind Rib Crib at  6 am ; breakfast in Arkansas on your own.

Feb 11  *** Speaker Change ***  Monthly meeting, 7 pm, Trinity Baptist Church, 4 & Main;  Brandon Brown, Paddlefish/caviar coordinator, Ok Dept Wildlife Conservation will share information about an international film crew that worked in Oklahoma on a film about pioneers in ecology

Mar 11  Monthly meeting 7 pm Trinity Baptist Church, 4 th & Main;  "Euchee Butterfly Farm", Jane Breckenridge, director

Mar 23  Birding field trip, Oxley Nature Center; depart 7:30, bring sack lunch; S Sullins 918 786-2638

Apr 8    Monthly meeting, 7 pm, Trinity Baptist Church 4th & Main; "The Vulture", Mike Davis, wildlife biologist

Apr 11  "Home School Day" at Har-Ber Village;  Grand Lake Audubon Society will participate with a booth from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm in this Ecology & Environment event

Apr 24   *** Schedule change***  Birding field trip, Spavinaw, depart 8 am, bring sack lunch; S. Sullins 918 786-2638

May 4    Birder Weekend Arkansas, depart 5:45, lunch available at event; F. Houck 918 787-6532    

May 13  Monthly meeting, 7 pm, Trinity Baptist Church, 4th & Main; "Oklahoma Bats", Jena Donnell, OK Dept of Wildlife information specialist  

May 18  Birding field trip, George Washington Carver National Park;  *** Cancelled due to weather *** depart 7 am, bring sack lunch; J Beyer 918 787-5188

Jun 10  Annual pot luck picnic, 6 pm; Grand Lake Sailing Club, 31700 S 605 Rd, Grove; bring covered dish with serving utensil to share

Oct 9-12 Pelican Festival, Wolf Creek State Park; volunteers and saleable items needed; Willie Hale, 918 791-0926


Annual brochure of meetings, events, etc. -  files/brochure_2018-2019.pdf


Jun 13 "The Beauties of Nature", Tom Whipple, Local Nature PhotographerNov 9 "The Beauties of Nature", Tom Whipple, Local Nature PhotographerDec 14 "The Red-cockaded Woodpecker", Clay Barnes, Wildlife Biologist Technician, McCurtain County Wilderness AreaSep 26 Grey Snow Eagle Rehab House; depart 6:30 am; FJan 23JjFeFF FebA


Local Chapter only

Opportunities for membership include joining our local chapter only or joining the National Audubon Society.  The local chapter only membership will give you access to the quarterly newsletter, local chapter voting, and ability to hold a chapter office.  The dues are $15.00 per year per family.   When you join our Chapter, your membership dues are devoted entirely to supporting local issues, programs at our monthly meetings, field trips, education and conservation programs, the website and the quarterly newsletter.  Please copy and print out the following form and mail it with a check or money order for $15.00 to:  GLAS,  PO Box 451813, Grove, OK  74345-1813.


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National Audubon Society

The membership in the National Audubon Society will give you access to an award-winning bi-monthly publication, membership in a local chapter, information on workshops and ecology camps,  special offers on Audubon licensed products including apps and discounts on Avis rental cars.  The suggested donation for the first year membership is of $20.00.  You can submit a membership application at National Audubon Society


The National Audubon Society and our local chapter, Grand Lake Audubon Society, are nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations.

When you join with either a National or Chapter membership, you become part of an adventure -perhaps the greatest adventure of our time-the struggle to save our imperiled environment.  As a member you are joining a community of people who care about nature and support the work of our conservation network across America and around the world.  Our chapter believes that a struggle can be won.  Our chapter was started in 1987 and with each new member we become stronger.  In our chapter, everyone is important.  Whatever your interest, you can enhance the Grand Lake Audubon Society.  Please join us today.